MAHN | SCHULTZ, HANNAH WEINBERGER, Kunstverein Braunschweig

Exhibition in September 2017.

The dual presentation of Inge Mahn and Nora Schultz juxtaposes not only two generations, but also
two distinct sculptural positions.
In her sculptures, Inge Mahn condenses the essences of objects by scaling and abstracting them,
then setting the individual elements in relationship to each other as extensive sculptural ensembles.
Movement and rest, weight and lightness are visualized in different constellations of objects, while
the structures of Villa Salve Hospes’ rooms are underscored by temporary architectural interventions.
In her Centre Dental series, Nora Schultz turns to the dematerialization and activation of sculptures.
Filmed with drone cameras and moved by hidden performers, the haptic quality of the sculptures
recedes into the background in service of the overall appearance of the film, allowing the sculptures
to become temporary actors in the film. Sequentiality and setting are decisive for this


Graphic Design (Poster, Invitation, Ads, Room plan),2017